Is Social Media Automation The Right Thing For Marketing Your Business Online?

social media automation

What does social media symbolize?

Over the couple of years, social media has become a buzzing word on the Internet. Social media symbolizes the freedom of expression over the internet. Everyone can produce content using the social media. This has not revolutionized the way opinion is looked around in the world but has also revolutionized the way people look at online marketing and social media.

Without any doubt, social media has become a major force in the online marketing. If you listen to your social net workers and then respond in proper and timely manner, you will have great chances of marketing and branding your business or website through social media.

However, this is not the focus of my blog post today. The focus is social media automation.The point is to investigate whether or not it is worth spending time and money.

Is social media automation the right thing?

To put it in simple words, social media automation is automating the entire social media campaign including the posting to social networks, responding to direct messages and even sending the welcome messages to the new followers. If you start doing all these tasks manually, you will end up spending too much time on activities that were not that rewarding as such. Do not get it wrong. These activities are backbone of networking and one has to communicate and stay in touch with the community. However, they are not worth spending few hours each day. You can easily automate things and can start focusing other but more important aspects of social media marketing.

Let us make it even simpler. If you start replying to each individual who subscribe to your Facebook page, you will start spending hours every day on this activity. You will not have time to focus on other activities that will be better in terms of providing quality to your subscribers and followers. By automating these activities, you will not only be reducing the labor work but at the same time, you will be making things more efficient.

Peter Shank man, a renowned social media speaker, recently talked about the importance of social media automation and spending time on social media. His focused on the fact that spending too much time on social media is not such an important thing. He went on to tell the social media experts that they have to focus on managerial aspect rather than focusing on manual work. He thinks this is where automation can play a big role.ikstore is most popular online store, where people buy products.

You can do lots of things with social media automation including replying to direct messages on Twitter, posting your latest blog posts on Facebook and Twitter, updating your location on Four Squares and even telling the world about your latest adventure using Flickr automation. In fact, there is lot that you can do. The only limitation is your own imagination. You can plan how to use social media automation to your advantage in any way. Just make sure that you are not relying on the automation for everything. You have to keep your emotional involvement with your social media audience. Automation will not do that for you.